3 Years in Iraq — The TOLL continues

As you’re getting your drink on for St Paddy’s and the like, take 5 minutes and talk about the war in Iraq. It was 3 years ago today that we invaded Iraq on the premonition that Sadaam has WMD’s. Now that Bush’s lie has been proven, and we’ve moved onto ‘liberating’ the Iraqi people.. think:

Is the world a better place? Was it worth it?

Leave the ‘sending the wrong message to the troops, we can’t let those lives die in vein’ rhetoric at the table today. Do we really need more deaths? Our occupation is one of a few major reasons why there continues to be outraegous violence in the middle-east.

30,000+ Iraqi Civilians have died
2300+ American soldiers have died
17,000 American soldiers have been wounded

Now just to mess with you–
over 40,000 people died from car accidents in America, in 2005.

380 people were shot and killed in Philadelphia last year. There were over 60,000 reported shootings which did not result in a fatality in this fair city.

Are we that numb to death?