Avoid Screenaid.com and Bliss Computers

I was hassled for months by these two companies when they refused to fulfill an order for a replacement screen for my laptop.  It took 4 months to actually understand why they weren’t delivering my screen (the customer service doesn’t seem to have any connection with the actual company – I think it’s completely outsourced).

I received interesting responses to my inquiries about WHERE MY PURCHASED ITEM IS?!

Dear Steve

Thank you for your patience.
Sorry to bother you again.

We are not able to reship your screen out yesterday because of  the power failure here.
Your item will be shipped out asap.

I will offer you tracking number when it shipped out.
Best regards and thanks in advance.
ScreenAid.com Service

Random power outages, natural disasters, lost-in-shipping, with the eventual response that not only could they not ship it, they couldn’t refund my money:

Dear Steve

Thank you so much for your email.
I am so sorry to tell you that the money is returned by the google checkout .
Could you please contact the google checkout to return your money since that our store on the google checkout was closed already and we are not able to log in it and return the money to you .

The google checkout have the right to issue refund to you .
Hoping your understanding and cooperation.
Please do us a favor.

Best regards and thanks in advance.
ScreenAid.com Service

Guess what!?  Google doesn’t know anything about this, and has actually revoked the seller’s ability to sell via Google Checkout, probably because they were scamming and stealing from customers!  The only way to actually get a refund was to actually do a charge-back via the credit card company.

Bliss Computers gave me less of a hastle with the refund, but still dragged me out for many weeks with no idea about what the delays were in shipping my item. After 4 weeks or begging for information, I was finally given some information which I’m not sure I trust:

The resaon you were refunded is because the lcds we had in stock of that particular model had mura. We are still waiting for the new panels to arrive. I will send you a link that further explains what mura is.
Thanks for your business

Michelle Ponce

So there you have it, folks.  When buying a new or replacement LCD screen, DO NOT buy ANYTHING from ScreenAid.com or Bliss Computers.  They have terrible Customer Service and you may be the next victim.

2 thoughts on “Avoid Screenaid.com and Bliss Computers

  1. Bliss computers is horrible !!! been dealing with/avoiding them for years. The problem is they sell under may different names, so occasionally i order from them by mistake – 100% of the time i regret it. advertised new items are clearly not, most of the time what i get from them is defective or incompatible and then it is a huge hassle to get an exchange or a refund. Avoid like the plague. If its coming from New Jersey better check it out to make sure its not a Bliss affiliate.

  2. My company actually started due to 3 years of on & off experiences with these two local LCD providers. 100% of the time, I received the wrong item or a broken item.

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