Back to the Music: Shout Magic & Friends, Live at 4518 Walnut

It’s been awhile since I posted about anything MUSIC related, mostly because there has been so much work in progress.  Besides throwing new tracks up in the music section of the site, I’ll be profiling new songs and such here and try to explain a little about the method behind the tracks.  Thanks to Ian and for the inspiration.  Definitely check out DJ Ian Head‘s mixtapes, if you’re smart you’ll throw those tracks on your holiday mix.

Shout Magic, my main project for the past 2 years, is getting ready to release our full length in January.  We’re now officially a national act, seeing as I live in Portland, Bogey lives in D.C., and the rest of the crew is in Philly.  We decided to keep our project going, push our new CD hard, and keep collaborating.  Unfortunately, there won’t be much live action for some time, so we put on a last-minute, “final show for a bit” at our pal Josh’s house.  Sadly, I didn’t get a recording of Shorty Boy-Boy of Saudi Arabia‘s living room set, which I sat in on air pump and household percussion.

Here are the clips from the show.  Shout Magic had exactly 1 rehearsal with only half the band in a hushed living-room practice the night before, and you’ll be able to hear us try to play a bunch of new songs for literally the first time since recording them 4 months earlier. We were some rusty ass dudes, to put it lightly.  We’re all about the transparency, especially the laughs that ensue when we all fuck up.  It was however, an especially cheerful night, one of celebration and community.

This actually turned out to be the final Philly show for Dina Elise (also from Chief City Recordings), who is now living in Long Beach, California.  Her recordings will be made available quite soon.  Until then, enjoy the live clips and stay warm.

Shout Magic – Live @ 4518 Walnut

Dina Elise – Live @ 4518 Walnut

Private Sea – Live @ 4518 Walnut