Baltimore City Students to Hunger Strike for Youth Employment

1. “A hunger strike is too extreme a tactic.”

Please remember that the students organizing the hunger strike believe that

the lack of positive, future-directed youth employment is a life and death issue.

More independent media coverage: Announcement from Baltimore City School Students | Letter from a Hunger Striker | Photos and Write-up of Kick-Off March & Rally

This is absolutely huge, of incredible importance: support the Baltimore youth hunger strikers!

Please phone Mayor Dixon at 410-396-3835

or 410-396-3100 (city hall switchboard).

Cast a shadow on the handlings of critical funding for youth in Baltimore. Let the response serve as a model for other youth led movements throughout our country.

Support Philly-based groups in the same fight for our youth, including the demand of funding for JOBS & EDUCATION, not WAR & PRISONS: North Philly Metropolis | Philly Student Union | Youth United for Change | Men United for a Better Philadelphia