Bank of America Sucks

I’m about to head out to sign up for my credit union’s credit card, after Bank of America sneakily increased my minimum payment due and charged me a FORTY DOLLAR LATE FATE. It’s an act as graceful as Vince Fumo and Ed Rendell’s passage of the Pennsylvania Casinos bill at 4AM.

I am henceforth sticking with putting my money in public credit unions, which don’t support any of this Wall Street nonsense. Plus, I get a better interest rate from my credit union, and they are REAL PEOPLE who REALLY CARE about your well being, not their corporation’s latest quarter profit returns. I am also now dedicated to convincing any other Bank of America customer’s to switch immediately.

Demand consumer justice!

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  1. Yes, Bank of America does suck. The good news is that it is near bankruptcy and will not be able to untangle itself from toxic assets.

  2. I’m definitely plussed that community banking has come out a winner in this whole mess. Join a Credit Union today!

  3. I have done just that! Credit Unions represent the interests of its members, not its shareholders. I think it’s a great example of how cooperative businesses do the most good and still earn a profit.

  4. I am SO pissed I am vibrating right now. Seems that when I called Bank of America on March 19th about their debt consolidation loan mailer (and was of course turned down as you NEVER get the rate the offer is for with them) they took it upon themselves to close both of the cards I have with them. Of course they did not see fit to tell me or send back the overpayment of $91.90 still setting in my account. In fact they just sent me checks to use to transfer money at 3.99% onto a card and their website shows both cards as still active! After having the card declined I called customer support which told me the account I was calling about was closed and asked if I’d like a check sent with the money they owed me. I asked why they had not done that already and he said “we hang onto it till you ask for it”. BTW per my quarterly report from Discover my credit score as of March 10th was 777. One card had a $20500 limit and the other $17000. One can only imagine how they treat people with average credit. I also have cards with Discover, AmEx, Capital One, Household and 3 with Chase after mergers and I am not seeing this nonsense with them. Though Cap One has other privacy issues. (They gave my number to collection agencies looking for my ex-wife.)

    BOA is the same company that screwed me on a promotion last year. I transferred a balance onto one of their cards and signed up for e-statements. I setup automatic payments with my bank and forgot about it. Well they changed the due date so the first payment was 2 days late and raised my rate from 0% to 21%. As it seems that the email address I gave had issues AND oddly their Quicken interface seemed to fail about this time, AGAIN, it set there for a few months before I noticed Quicken was no longer getting data from them. By then I had racked up over $1000 in interest charges. At that point I transferred the balance to Chase. Note they did not bother sending a letter that the email account was not working till later.

    Before that I let them sign me up for a trial credit monitoring / protection service to compare it against Discovers service. I never heard ONE word from them and so I completely forgot about it. A year later they charged my account. Since I had not used the card in 3 months I did not look at that statement. And of course it is not updating Quicken AGAIN, though since I have not charged anything that would seem right. Anyway the next month I happen to check the statement and I see a late fee on it and call them up. It takes awhile for them to even route me to the right place to cancel this useless service. AND it will take them a few weeks more to reverse the charge. In the mean time I need to pay the $99 charge PLUS $46.25 in fees and interest to avoid another late fee AND ANOTHER nonpayment mark on my credit history! Note for the same cost, Discover’s service sends me a quarterly summary AND a notice EVERYTIME someone queries my credit. This BOA partner could not even be bothered to let me know the service had started.

    BOA was supposed to do my final mortgage on the house I just built but I think I would go with even Citi Bank over them at this point.

    They did raise my purchase rate too but then all the cards are doing that these days. It is getting cheaper to get money from the mob than carry a balance on your cards.


  5. Your experience sounds ridiculous, Dave. One more reason to avoid BOA at all costs. They do not serve their customers, they attempt to own them.

  6. Wow. I am so glad to find all of these other people share my sentiments for this disgusting bank. Several months ago I had a “wonderful” (and by wonderful – i mean awful) experience with Bank Of America. A third party had withdrawn funds from my account without notifying me. Not knowing this, my boyfriend and I made several small purchases the same day that caused us to over withdraw. I ended up overwithdrawing about 10$ and was charged about 200$ in fees for each little withdrawl. I spoke to bank of america and they told me they could waive the fees and place the money back in our account if we got the third party to put the money back in the account. I immediatly called the third party who admitted they were wrong and they put the money back in the account within 24hours. I was on vacation and now had not a dime to my name… Spoke with Bank of America and they said it would take up to 4 days to put the money back in my account. In the mean time, I had a payment due to my bank of america credit card that currently has an introductory 0% apr. I could not make the payment because BOA had all of my money. I called them and they basically said “tough shit.” Now i have a credit score of 790. Pay all of my bills on time and this is what they did to me? They ended up charging me a 40$ late fee (i ended up making the payment 1 day late after bank of america finally put the money back into my account), they took away my 0% apr and hit me with an awesom 23% apr, and that took my payment from 64$ to 174$. I went nutso and eventually got them to give me back the 0% apr introductory offer but i still had to make the payment of 174$. I havent done it yet, but i will be switching to a credit union as soon as i can find one that will suit my needs. I HATE BANK OF AMERICA. Oh and did i also mention that when i tried to take out a small personal loan several months ago (even though i have had an account with them for about 15 years) i was denied “due to the economy” and was forced to take out the formentioned credit card with them and then about a month later receive some literature from them stating that i qualified for a small unsecured loan (with much better rates i might add). If the present state of the economy helps to put an end to this horrible bank the country will be that much better!!!!

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  8. If it walks like a piggy, talks like a piggy, by golly it’s a PIGGY!

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