Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD

After spending time in Portland and London, I’m convinced Critical Mass is unproductive and reduces respect for bicyclists on the streets.  HOWEVER, the type of state-sponsored violence depicted in this video, is completely unnecessary. It offers further proof the NYPD, and police agencies around the United States, are a modern day hit-squad.

As we bicyclists continue to violate the rules of the road, we contribute to the criminalization and elitism of bike culture.  As Alina Josan put it yesterday, “I’d give up reading red lights and stop signs tomorrow, for respect.”  Philadelphia, while touted as a bike-friendly city, is still a stressful place to ride a bike.  The same can be said for New York City.  Once we double and triple the number of riders in the streets and on mass transit, we can start to enjoy more livable cities.

Guess I’ll be stopping at reds, a hard habit to break!