Bike Love, Portland

Percantage who Commute by Bike in Portland, OR 2008.
Percentage who Commute by Bike in Portland, OR 2008.

This is what a city with real infrastructural support looks like in 2008, despite a rainy season and plenty of hills. Imagine what naturally bike-practical, flat cities like Philadelphia, New York and Denver could do!  Portland is really at the forefront of breaking past biking as a subculture or a casual means of exercise, it’s seen as a tool for EVERYONE.  I love seeing parents pick up their kids from school on BIKE rather than a minivan.

I currently live in the yellow area (Inner Southeast) and will be moving to the blue region (Inner Northeast) at the end of the month.  I would say bicycling is our primary source of transportation, followed by walking, car, and transit.

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