Bikes-Riding-With-Bikes PSA #1: Be Kind, Don’t Leave a Rider Behind

See a cyclist in need of help? If you’re prepared and can spare the time, consider stopping to help by loaning tools, patches, or expertise. As more cyclists take to the streets, we need to create a network of support to make everyone’s ride more comfortable.

Actors: Aaron Scott, Tom Manning, Mike Travel
Production: BOZZmedia for Intersection 911
Music: “A Minor Plot” by NOTV, Chief City Recordings 2008

One thought on “Bikes-Riding-With-Bikes PSA #1: Be Kind, Don’t Leave a Rider Behind

  1. Great video and message-would be a great idea to show motorcyclists and bike riders sharing resources “on the road experience together”. thanks for promoting safety and kindness. Mary Ellen

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