Can Philadelphia Walk The Walk (and Bike The Bike?)

The existing bridge is a mess, but it's built with pedestrians in mind.  How about bikes?The construction of the South Street Bridge has been contentious, rebuilding of the bridge has been delayed since 2001. The process infamously precluded community involvement, and now city officials are hearing community leaders as if it were the first time.

As plans neared completion, residents became activated and have been pushing the city to redesign the plans to be urban scale rather than an interstate overpass (such as the Walnut & Market Street bridge).

If you bike or walk in this city, the existing design totally sucks. Sound in or deal with another ugly Philly-mistake for another century.

The South Street Bridge Coalition is asking that people concerned about the South Street Bridge write letters to make the reconstructed South Street Bridge safer and more equitable for pedestrians and bicyclist who will use the bridge. You can send an email or hardcopy letter by going to this webpage: (Be sure to add in your own personal message)!

You can download (8MB pdf) the Design Recommendation for the South Street Bridge report from this page:

From the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia