RIAA Brainwashes Schoolkids via Misdirection and Misinformation

From the “When Corporations Go To Far” file:

Last week, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced an update to Music Rules!, its flagship “curriculum” for teaching copyright law to schoolkids. We wrote about Music Rules! and similar industry propaganda efforts in May, outlining some of their falsehoods and biases. For instance, the RIAA tells kids, “Never copy someone else’s creative work without permission from the copyright holder” — omitting the important right to make creative fair use of existing content. It also coins a  misleading term, “songlifting,” which the curriculum says is “just as bad as shoplifting”. The updated curriculum goes even further and asks kids to contact their local media and act as the RIAA’s own unpaid public relations staff.

via Electronic Frontier Foundation

Bikes-Riding-With-Bikes PSA #1: Be Kind, Don’t Leave a Rider Behind

See a cyclist in need of help? If you’re prepared and can spare the time, consider stopping to help by loaning tools, patches, or expertise. As more cyclists take to the streets, we need to create a network of support to make everyone’s ride more comfortable.

Actors: Aaron Scott, Tom Manning, Mike Travel
Production: BOZZmedia for Intersection 911
Music: “A Minor Plot” by NOTV, Chief City Recordings 2008

Bike Part Art Shows

Bicycling In Philadelphia - Multimedia piece by Steve Bozzone and Colleen Catherine Connolly 2007ParticipantColleen and I created this piece for the 2007 5th Annual Bike Part Art Show, a benefit for the Neighborhood Bike Works in Philadelphia.  I put together a 40 minute found sound audio collage for the audio aspect, and Colleen fashioned metal mini bikes and sewn backwards-canvas Philly landscape.  The audio was placed on a tape, inside of a walkman tape machine with two pairs of headphones coming out.  The back of this canvas, built by Colleen, was really inventive and hopefully I’ll get some photos of it soon.  It contained the recorder in the back and accommodated the headphone cables.

The piece was one of the only interactive pieces in the show and folks really dug it!  It’s now being featured in an upcoming bike-themed show at Moore College:

Bicycle: people + ideas in motion celebrates Philadelphia’s passion and commitment to the bicycle with exhibitions and events that explore the art and design of the bicycle—from functional object to a canvas for good causes, personal expression and civic mindedness.

Kate Duncan, our –historical and contemporary art advocate, creative fundraiser & event planner, curator, artist, explorer & guider- friend is behind a lot of this.  She’s convinced us to create another collaboration for this year’s show, too.  Now that we’re based in Portland, it should be an interesting lens to create through.

If you make things, you should consider submitting a piece for the upcoming 7th Annual Bike Part Art Show!  The Neighborhood Bike Works is easily one of the best grassroots lets-get-tons-of-people-on-bikes organizations in the country.  If you’re in Philadelphia, the show is one hell of a bike fun party.

Party and silent auction September 18, 2009, 7-10 pm Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Avenue in West Philly $5 suggested donation at the door.

Iraq Vet Matthis Chiroux Refuses to Return to Iraq, Rebuts FOX

From Bill Perry:

Absolutely OUTSTANDING interview !
‘Specially his aside to IRR troops, and the Constitutions’ Article 6, Section 2, not to mention the 5 or 6 locales where Matthis has “occupied countries all over the Planet”. I really liked how he nailed the FOX Talking Head on 9/11 being a CRIME, certainly not an act of war. Then, the “Unmovable object in the face of overwhelming opposition” was HOT.