Iraq Vet Matthis Chiroux Refuses to Return to Iraq, Rebuts FOX

From Bill Perry:

Absolutely OUTSTANDING interview !
‘Specially his aside to IRR troops, and the Constitutions’ Article 6, Section 2, not to mention the 5 or 6 locales where Matthis has “occupied countries all over the Planet”. I really liked how he nailed the FOX Talking Head on 9/11 being a CRIME, certainly not an act of war. Then, the “Unmovable object in the face of overwhelming opposition” was HOT.

12-Year-Old Girl Inspires Vermont Legislature to Approve Gay Marriage Rights in Vermont

Evann Orleck-Jetter testified at the public hearings on gay marriage last month before Vermont’s Joint Senate and House Judiciary Committees. Many legislators later told Evann and her parents that her testimony had moved them to support the bill.

Watch the interview on Democracy Now!

Youth advocacy is a vital component of social movement. Another reason to educate your community’s youth in media literacy, the legislative system, and how one person can make a difference.

Debunking the Myths: Behind Israel’s Justification of the Massacre of Thousands in Palestine

The public relations approach that Israel is taking in their recent pummeling of Palestinians seems play-for-play taken from the Bush Administration’s campaign to bring us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Again, we hear about the invasion as an act of self-defense. That the occupied people are terrorists, and civilian casualties are not the responsibility of those who drop the bombs, but rather those who are its intended target.

I’m especially glad that this piece refers to the United States’ attempt at overthrowing Hamas, a democratically elected political party, 2 years ago.  That sort of behavior doesn’t exactly embody the justification of bringing democracy to Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.

Cautious Optimism: What’s Next

From Dr. Marc Lamont Hill,lamont

Still, as we celebrate this watershed moment, it is important that we not become too self-satisfied, too pleased with our collective maturity. Indeed, it is one thing for a nation to finally accept that a black man can represent its interests. It is another thing entirely to question the nature of those interests. After all, the working poor will be no happier to know that a black man is undermining their prosperity. Gays and lesbians will see no moral victory in having their civil rights stripped away by fellow minority. Continental Africans will find no solace in the fact that one of their sons is aiding and abetting its exploitation. For America to truly mature, we must not only acknowledge its bright light, we must also come to terms with its dark underside.. Militarism, violence, consumerism, homophobia, patriarchy, anti-intellectualism, and countless other hallmarks of the American empire must die in order for a new, more mature America to be born. Otherwise, we have done nothing more than put a slave in charge of the plantation.

Dr. Hill continues to impress me with his writings, commentary, and popular education style. His Barbershop Notebooks blog is essential reading for today’s active revolutionary.

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Judaism Condemns Attacks on Gaza

From Bill Perry:
Over 20,000 folks gathered in DC, on Saturday, January 10th.
As  usual, the media ignored it, but NOBODY can ignore the voices of Hasidic  Rabbi’s, as they CONDEMN Zionist Atrocities in Gaza.
Although I do not support violence on any side, I understand that Hamas represents a form of hope for Palestinians.  Nothing can compare to the brutality Palestinians have endured during a 60 year illegal occupation.  As Americans, we must hold our incoming president accountable.  Obama, who clearly supports the Israeli Zionist Regime, must discontinue funding and political support of a country committing genocide before our eyes.
I have little hope that Obama will do this, what will we do next?

Good News for Justice: Anti-Corruption Hits Back

Some of today’s highlights include:

  • FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is found to have abused his powers in his role as Commissioner.  This guy wouldn’t stick around to hear the many witnesses who wanted to testify at the FCC Hearings in Harrisburg last year.  Thankfully, the Democrat Commissioners stayed until the very end.
  • Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois has been arrested on corruption charges stemming from an FBI wiretapping sting.  One charge included Blagojevich attempting to remove $8 million in funding from a CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL because its CEO refused to give $50,000 in campaign contributions to Blagojevich.  And this guy is supposed to pick Obama’s successor.
  • Finally, 3 members of the world’s 6th largest standing army, the NYPD, have been charged with sexual assault and covering-up October’s sodomy attack on a Brooklyn tattoo artist.  Apparently the man was smoking marijuana in a subway station.  He must have been quite violent being on a drug approved for medical use in 11 states and recently decriminalized in Connecticut!  I hope they get a cell near Patrick Pogan, who assaulted a Critical Mass rider this past July.  There are times when I miss NYC, but I certainly don’t miss or respect these hitmen.

I’ll wrap up with a video I came across about a huge ride in 2007 where the NYPD targetted videographers, much like they did at the 2004 RNC.