12-Year-Old Girl Inspires Vermont Legislature to Approve Gay Marriage Rights in Vermont

Evann Orleck-Jetter testified at the public hearings on gay marriage last month before Vermont’s Joint Senate and House Judiciary Committees. Many legislators later told Evann and her parents that her testimony had moved them to support the bill.

Watch the interview on Democracy Now!

Youth advocacy is a vital component of social movement. Another reason to educate your community’s youth in media literacy, the legislative system, and how one person can make a difference.

Baltimore City Students to Hunger Strike for Youth Employment

1. “A hunger strike is too extreme a tactic.”

Please remember that the students organizing the hunger strike believe that

the lack of positive, future-directed youth employment is a life and death issue.

More independent media coverage: Announcement from Baltimore City School Students | Letter from a Hunger Striker | Photos and Write-up of Kick-Off March & Rally

This is absolutely huge, of incredible importance: support the Baltimore youth hunger strikers!

Please phone Mayor Dixon at 410-396-3835

or 410-396-3100 (city hall switchboard).

Cast a shadow on the handlings of critical funding for youth in Baltimore. Let the response serve as a model for other youth led movements throughout our country.

Support Philly-based groups in the same fight for our youth, including the demand of funding for JOBS & EDUCATION, not WAR & PRISONS: North Philly Metropolis | Philly Student Union | Youth United for Change | Men United for a Better Philadelphia