Cook County Sheriff Refuses to Comply with Foreclosure Evictions

One more reason to stay tuned to Collateral News:

A sheriff’s office in Cook County, Illinois has refused to execute foreclosure orders indefinitely. Know where he got the idea? From citizens in his jurisdiction. Could it be a trend that spreads?

Let us all organize to protect our cities during our indefinite economic doom.

2 thoughts on “Cook County Sheriff Refuses to Comply with Foreclosure Evictions

  1. I am a realtor in Lake County and Cook County Illinois. I have heard from many renters that they have been paying rent to their landlords who in turn have NOT been paying their mortgages. The renters get a knock on the door and are surprised of what’s going on. They usually have 30 days to find a place but it has gotten out of control. I think the Sheriff deserves a standing ovation for sticking up for what he believes in. If it’s a homeowner I understand, but innocent renters do not deserve this. Way to go Sheriff! and the fact that anyone gave you grief for this is sickening! Absolutely morally warped and that is why we are in this current state of chaos! The landlords who let this happen should be put away!!!!

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