Good News for Justice: Anti-Corruption Hits Back

Some of today’s highlights include:

  • FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is found to have abused his powers in his role as Commissioner.  This guy wouldn’t stick around to hear the many witnesses who wanted to testify at the FCC Hearings in Harrisburg last year.  Thankfully, the Democrat Commissioners stayed until the very end.
  • Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois has been arrested on corruption charges stemming from an FBI wiretapping sting.  One charge included Blagojevich attempting to remove $8 million in funding from a CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL because its CEO refused to give $50,000 in campaign contributions to Blagojevich.  And this guy is supposed to pick Obama’s successor.
  • Finally, 3 members of the world’s 6th largest standing army, the NYPD, have been charged with sexual assault and covering-up October’s sodomy attack on a Brooklyn tattoo artist.  Apparently the man was smoking marijuana in a subway station.  He must have been quite violent being on a drug approved for medical use in 11 states and recently decriminalized in Connecticut!  I hope they get a cell near Patrick Pogan, who assaulted a Critical Mass rider this past July.  There are times when I miss NYC, but I certainly don’t miss or respect these hitmen.

I’ll wrap up with a video I came across about a huge ride in 2007 where the NYPD targetted videographers, much like they did at the 2004 RNC.