Build Mass Transit & Bicycling Infrastructure NOW!

An open letter to President Obama:

Dear Obama Transition Team:

Please emphasize mass transit, bicycling, and walking within your Infrastructure plan.  Statistics show us Americans are driving less and less, while mass transit and biking are growing fast.  Let’s account for this and build a country that is proud of its sustainable transportation options.

Build a world class rail system, ensure easy-to-use and high-frequency transit systems throughout our cities, and require all building projects to accommodate safe travel for bicyclists and pedestrians.  These are the type of Green Jobs we need, not simply building new roadways, which only further promote the use of unsustainable transportation options.

If Americans gained access to a reliable, affordable, and high-speed rail system, we would also resolve the enormous problem of airplane emissions.  To date, there has been little discussion from your Transition team regarding air travel and its enormous impact on our environment.  We need alternatives to flying and driving long distances, a world-class rail system would effectively do this while providing millions of jobs.

Please fulfill your promises regarding the promotion of sustainable forms of transportation, make the creation of a nationwide network of mass transit, bicycling, and walking infrastructure a hallmark of your Administration.  This type of focus will lead to job-creation and sustainability we can all believe in.  Thank you for your time.

Steve Bozzone
Portland, OR

Send your own thoughts on Obama’s transportation priorities.  See also: Obama CTO / Obama’s Urban Policy Prioritizer.

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