Philadelphia Police Brutalism Remains Unpunished

Sultan Ashley Shah says it best, commenting on Commissioner Ramsey’s immediate firing of four officers in response to the video.

“Any human being.. with common sense, can count 15 individuals kicking these young men. If anyone comes away seeing that only 4 people were doing the kicking in that video, then I say you need to go see an optometrist.”

There are now large problems with how to move forward in this case. While some believe the firing of four officers was not enough, the move is being heralded as unprecedented and will most likely be thrown out on appeal from Fraternal Order of Police lawyers. 9 of the 19 officers are now back on the streets.

The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police vowed to fight Commissioner Ramsey’s “rush to judgment” in the disciplinary action directed at the officers. The FOP also said the city was sending mixed signals to police officers by asking them to take more aggressive action to reduce violent crime, but not accepting the repercussions.
– “Despite disciplinary action, the protests don’t stop” –
Fred Muhammad for Final Call News.

This ad-hoc application of rights ever present in Philadelphia is a symptom of a broken city. We all know the public reaction to 15 black men beating up 3 white cops would be remarkably different. I am sure the police are tired and angry, the citizenry certainly are. The relationship between law enforcement and those they are paid to protect is fractured, perhaps perpetually.

It is interesting to draw connections here between our prisons and Philadelphia’s violent crime concern. This type of crime or rather this mindset, is blowback from neglect from our government AND our communities. Think about how deeply rooted the cause of a 15 year old picking up a gun and blowing someone away over a girl. Think about a police force that cannot catch a murderer on a busy street in the early afternoon.

I’m interested in outlining these connections more articulately.  Any guidance is appreciated.

Editor’s note: This piece was never published so my apologies if it lacking any current information.  I wanted to publish it to get some of the thoughts onto the site, rather than sitting in limbo.