Censoring Our War: Disinformation Spreads by Banning Photography, Dehumanizing Our Conflict

Whether embedded in Iraq, or traveling on a New York City subway, photographers are increasingly under pressure to put the camera away and shut up.  Our world has become less democratic, our Constitutional rights to free speech and a free press have dwindled.  I recall the outrage over Al-Jazeera’s airing of graphic images of deceased U.S. soldiers, and the persuant discussion about ethics.

How ethical is it to not allow the world to see the true devastation, the true impact of our invasion and occupation of Iraq?  If you saw the face of a small child screaming because her parents were just executed in front of her, would that have an impact on your complicity in this war?  What if you saw a fresh photo like this everyday?

I want to celebrate the journalists and publications who risk banishment for distributing and publishing photos that the world must see.  We cannot make informed decisions when the media does not tell the whole story.

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