RIAA Brainwashes Schoolkids via Misdirection and Misinformation

From the “When Corporations Go To Far” file:

Last week, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced an update to Music Rules!, its flagship “curriculum” for teaching copyright law to schoolkids. We wrote about Music Rules! and similar industry propaganda efforts in May, outlining some of their falsehoods and biases. For instance, the RIAA tells kids, “Never copy someone else’s creative work without permission from the copyright holder” — omitting the important right to make creative fair use of existing content. It also coins a  misleading term, “songlifting,” which the curriculum says is “just as bad as shoplifting”. The updated curriculum goes even further and asks kids to contact their local media and act as the RIAA’s own unpaid public relations staff.

via Electronic Frontier Foundation