Tasers Kill, Again

John Leslie writes:

This is close to Jena, and also is the close to the area where Marquee Haspeth was ‘shot 48 times’ by cops a few years ago (you can read about that here. )

CNN reports: Man dies after cop hits him with Taser 9 times

WINNFIELD, Louisiana (CNN) — A police officer shocked a handcuffed Baron “Scooter” Pikes nine times with a Taser after arresting him on a cocaine charge.

He stopped twitching after seven, according to a coroner’s report. Soon afterward, Pikes was dead.

Now the officer, since fired, could end up facing criminal charges in Pikes’ January death after medical examiners ruled it a homicide.

Speaking of Tasers being deadly:

A Statesville man died after being shocked multiple times by Tasers at the Iredell County jail over the weekend, sources say.

Anthony Davidson, 29, was unresponsive when he was taken to Iredell Memorial Hospital Saturday afternoon. He was put on life support and died late Sunday night, police said.

His death is the second Taser-related death this year in the Charlotte area. In March, 17-year-old Darryl Wayne Turner, died after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police used a Taser on him at a Food Lion store in Charlotte. – Suspect Dies After Taser Hits In Jail Charlotte Observer

And to further wrap up our coverage of criminal acts by our men and women in blue, from the recent Philadelphia City Paper:

Daniel “Scotch” Williams was pacing around his living room, alternately distraught and despondent. Several of his friends were present, seated in a circle; they were not officially in vigil, but might as well have been. The following morning, the group was headed to a funeral. Just four days prior, their good friend Butter had been shot dead by police — shot at 85 times, hit about 20.

The other thing Scotch couldn’t understand was how the police could shoot at a man 85 times and call it justice. After the shooting, he’d gone to a community meeting where the police commissioner had, in essence, defended the cops. Eighty-five shots!  Read the entire story.

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