The Power of Photojournalism

From Mother Jones photo essay, Unembedded in Iraq

BAGHDAD, September 12, 2004
A young Iraqi civilian lies dead in Haifa Street as a US armored personnel carrier burns in the background. Twenty-two Iraqi civilians were killed and forty-eight injured when US helicopters opened fire on crowds celebrating around the burning vehicle, which was disabled by an insurgent attack. No American soldiers were killed in the fighting. (Ghaith Abdul-Ahad)

How powerful an impact this photo has, without even considering the caption.  It gives a sense of experience, of time and place.

These photographers are real change agents.  Traveling into Mahdi Army strongholds with no guides or US/Iraqi protection, they broke a deadly silence.  Their photos have also provoked my interest in this September 2004 massacre of Iraqi citizens by American forces.  Sad to say, but this style of mass-murder, conducted and facilitated by our elected officials, continues today.

The Mother Jones photo essays are a great resource. I particularly liked The Hidden Half, The Dying Newsroom and Phone Sex Operators.  I hope we can continue to support photojournalists, who remain critical to an informed citizenry.