What Critical Mass Should Represent: FUN!

When I first started riding in Critical Mass in NYC, it was light-hearted and extremely fun.  When I returned from Philly for a Halloween ride in 2006, it was like a high speed getaway from the cops, and it had really picked up some super-negi attitudes from bicyclists.

Looks like in San Francisco, where Critical Mass started in the United States, it is staying true to its roots.  I think the most encouraging sign is how happy and peaceful drivers and bus riders are throughout the ride.  Philly and NYC Critical Massers, take note!  Does Portland even have a critical mass anymore. The Portland CM website hasn’t been updated since 2005.  Then again, I don’t think I’ve gotten a single honk from a motorist after riding here for the past 3 months, although neither did I get a honk or a sore look in San Francisco either.