Open Letter to SEPTA: Innovate, Don’t Discriminate People Travelling with Bikes on Trains

Thank you for recently allowing additional bikes on your trains.  Connecting your bike trips with regional rail is essential for building a sustainable transit network in the Philadelphia region.

I’m dissappointed that SEPTA now forbids bikes on the R1 line, and I suggest that SEPTA approach the challenge of accommodating large bags and bikes on the same train in a creative way.

I’m not sure the R1 works as well as it could.  It’s still pretty awkard lugging your bags around, up to the top rack, etc. “But, I’ve got these these bags..” is one of the biggest excuses folks use to avoid using transit and instead drive or taxi to the airport.  It would be nice for SEPTA to innovate a little here and designate a special space for large bags, bikes, strollers, etc. aboard the R1 line.

I’d like SEPTA to consider this: How do you make this connection as easy and comfortable as possible, considering there is a large transportation hub (PHL) at the end of the line?

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Steve Bozzone