Portland Police Training Video on Bike Law

The most striking thing I learned from this video is that police have an incentive to not file reports in order to save time, at their *discretion*.   Fair enough, we are working with limited resources.

I worry about this sort of subjectivity.  To me, a PO’s job is to observe boundaries.  I hate to think that ticketable offenses or at least writing reports for things like right hooks, dooring, etc. can be shrugged off if it doesn’t seem necessary to the police officer.  In all likelihood, most crashes involve a level of property damage, and that should warrant some level of accountability.

Full disclosure, I’m still upset over a recent incident where a rider on Williams was flagrantly doored by a driver in a rage, who happened to be driving without insurance to boot. The hit cyclist’s bike definitely needed some serious repairs, but thankfully the rider was not seriously hurt.  When we asked about a report, perhaps a citation for the driver not driving with insurance, the PO simply shrugged and said it was a civil matter.

I do really appreciate the transparency and the meeting-at-the-same-table approach of this project.  Let’s see this sort of resource updated regularly  with new material, there is certainly much more ground to cover.