Resist Mandatory Bicycle Registration in Philadelphia

Bicycle Registration is an old and tired idea.If you are a Philadelphian who rides a bicycle, call your City Council member to declare your opposition to Councilman DiCicco’s latest proposal to create mandatory bicycle registration laws.  Compulsory registration, increased fees, and potential confiscation of a person’s bike are all on the table. These potential new laws would create more barriers to cycling and widen the gap of inequitable access to active forms of transportation.

Consider who in Philly would be most affected by such a law, and how it would be enforced. Why is there so much focus on vulnerable road users violating the law, when most people involved in serious driving crashes are rarely held accountable?

I vehemently oppose the confiscation of one’s bike as an enforcement tactic.  I do, however, support increased enforcement of existing traffic law for ALL forms of transportation.  There is no reason to increase fines and impose confiscation on laws that are not presently enforced.

If you live in Philadelphia: find out what district you’re inidentify your council member(s).  Contact them so they know why mandatory bicycle registration is bad for everyone!

Oregon recently went through a similar drive to mandate bicycle registration.  Here’s how it was received.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has published a position statement, along with a list of cities that have repealed existing bicycle registration laws.  These cities include Detroit, Houston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque.

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